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L'Agent by Agent Provocateur or the shades of feminity


The female nature is eternal. It passes through different “emotional” seasons - sometimes is fall that cries for her leaves, sometimes is winter that whispers cold words. She could be summer that burns with sunlight or spring flirting with freshness.

Female moods have different colors and shades. They are all beautiful, unique and gracefully mysterious. Especially when a woman expresses her mood with the color of her lingerie then her secret can be revealed only through love.



In march L'Agent by Agent Provocateur collection playfully provoke all the ladies to show their mood through love and tenderness. Muses of the lingerie line are the sensual sisters Monika and Penelope Kruz. They collaborate with the creative director of the line Sarah Shotton and designed lingerie that combines playfulness of youth and the power of femininity.

Play with the colors of your mood and choose KAITY Black/Pink bra or create mysterious passion labyrinth with IDALIA luxurious body suit.

Beautiful ladies, only in March you can take advantage of great discounts of L'Agent by Agent Provocateur Collection!



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