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Men passion - universal size by My Lingerie by Provoke


It is not true that the men’s emotions can be put in a package. The diversity of the male feelings is various as the inner world of women. Every thought has a particular pattern, every feeling has a different color, each character has an unique matter. But they all have universal size libido when it comes to the explicit intention to express their love mood. To draw an unique picture of passion, they need to play with the imagination of the women.



A female imagination is excited by men’s underwear ... different underwear is different emotion. Spring challenges you to draw your picture of passion. Create unique emotions by diversifying love atmosphere gently and delicately with Late Polka men’s trunk or vigorously with man boxer Over Time Navy, or crazy with Punk Skull.

And every woman can add a little burgundy color in the picture of passion with models from the new collection of Bon Bon Lingerie - lacy bra Burgundy Blush or bikini Burgundy Blush.

Everything is in your hands...


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