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Bordelle SS 2018 new collection 24K temptation

Original and ultra-feminine, the Bubble Range expresses the spirit and energy of the era. Com-bining bold embroidery and circular themes throughout. Inspired by Pierre Cardin’s infamous campaign imagery of the 60’s and his bubble house ‘Palais Bulles’, each piece is handcrafed from delicate customised Swiss embroidered tulle, opulent 24K gold plated components and signature bondage-luxe customised elastic strapping. Seductively revealing peeps and fashes of skin be-neath its outrageous design.

Designed to push boundaries and broaden the Bordelle bondage aesthetic, the Orbit Range ex-plores space age and futuristic design, infusing unexpected cut-out fabric with geometric shapes and innovative strap positioning. Handcrafed from circular-cut jersey laminated foam, delicate sheer mesh, signature customised elastic strapping and 24K gold plated hardware. Tis iconic collection showcases a mix of wearable shapes and elaborate show pieces, perfect for the futurist femme fatale.

The Square Lace Range is a sofer, more sensual take on the playful provocation and sexuality of the 60’s. Te range elevates classic lingerie silhouettes with provocative geometric cut-out detail-ing and luxurious bondage elements. A modern homage to Paco Rabanne’s iconic metal work dresses, the delicate and distinctive customised Swiss embroidered tulle has been reimagined in three seductive shades - Black, Violet and Caramel. Each piece is hand crafed from delicate Swiss embroidered tulle, lustrous signature customised elastic strapping and incorporates 24K gold plated components.

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