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Megan Fox Sexy New Lingerie Fall Collection

Megan Fox’s fall lingerie collection for Frederick’s of Hollywood looks super sexy! Check out the pieces here!

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Julia Roberts starting a new trend with Dsquared tattoo collection

Julia Roberts stuns with entire bodysuit covered with tattoo from Dsquared2's collection. This tattoo outfits give an impression of your entire body being painted in neo-traditional tattoo art. 

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Holiday tips - Cambodia and Vietnam, by our brand ambassador Evgenia Dzaferovic

Do you remember Survivor? This "sickness" is incurable for everyone involved, and this brought back to Cambodia Evgenia and Vania Dzaferovic to go back in time 

See their journey and the best of Vietnam and Cambodia through their eyes


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A travel guide by one of our Brand Ambassadors @missbebeelle

We are very pleased to present you a tourist guide for Mykonos by our Brand Ambassador Bebe Elle. She is a ballerina, a stewardess and a pilot as she describes herself. In this guide you will enjoy a description of the wonderful beaches of Mykonos and the swimwear of the beautiful collection of Moschino swimsuits!

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Men's Handbook. What type is your lady - Brigitte Bardot, Monica Bellucci or Carla Bruni?

Inspired by three legendary ladies, Provoke's experts offer you some ideas for easy choice of lingerie for your ladies, for your next romantic evening.

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New Project: "Brand Ambassador of My Lingerie by Provoke"

We are presenting our new project "My Lingerie by Provoke Brand Ambassador - something different and interesting.


My Lingerie by Provoke gives women the freedom, authority and the right to be beautiful, authentic, sexy, to be themselves. Our faces are mothers, wives, working girls, traveling nomads, those women we meet on the streets, brand evangelists who share our passion for beautiful lingerie and swimwear and have a positive attitude towards their own body.

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Klum posed topless in a pair of bikini bottoms for Ocean Drive's 25th Anniversary cover shoot.

Heidi Klum posed topless in a pair of bikini bottoms from her own eponymous Heidi Klum Swim collection for Ocean Drive's 25th Anniversary cover shoot.  


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Hacienda Beach - rebellion for a happy and unforgettable summer!

This summer party at Hacienda Beach has slogan Rebel Sumer

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Today we present our ambassador, the Bulgarian singer Vyara Atova and her advices how to choose the best place for the weekend trip!

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Bordelle New Collection Female Form in Motion

Inspired by the beauty and grace of the female form in motion, the AW18|19 collection explores themes of movement in dance across three distinct ranges: Allegra, Amaya and Lea. Underlying themes of attitude, elegance and power flow undefined through the collection.

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