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Лятна вечер по женски в BonBon Lingerie!

Заповядайте на 29 май, петък, в BonBon Lingerie, City Center Sofia (партер, точно пред главния вход), за да прекараме една вечер по женски в приятна атмосфера с шампанско и последните модни тенденции при банските и плажните дрехи и аксесоари!

В допълнение само на 29 май ще можете да се възползвате от -10% намаление на страхотните аромати, аксесоари и сладости на испанската марка Bijoux Indiscrets!

Вземете приятелките си и идвайте при нас!

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  • Ipoel
    There is one rule to the desire to be a botuuqie owner and that is to believe in yourself and work confidently towards your goal. It is not necessary to be a lingerie designer or model to have a successful lingerie botuuqie. The beauty of lingerie is that it makes people feel sexy; free and uninhibited whether they are a professional model, celebrity or glowing (perhaps sometimes frazzled) mother of three. Beauty is in us all and this business is all about making everyone feel beautiful. A person of any shape, size and background can own a lingerie shop and approach their customers with knowledge, fashion and compassion and build a strong customer base.There is absolutely no need to be a designer or even have any experience at all in the design industry. Most lingerie botuuqies choose to buy through wholesalers or order their own private label through an X-named manufacturer. It helps to have an interest and passion for lingerie and keep up with what is in fashion, but as a botuuqie owner they will rarely find themselves in a position to design clothing, unless they want to. One of the best ways to get a constant supply of new designs and keep up with the popular fashion trends is to attend a regular series of tradeshows and conventions.
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