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The most fashionable and up-to-date make-up for summer

You may not believed, but the best friend of this summer is .. shimmering. Be glamorous! Shine! Shine day and night. Many brands already offer hydrating body sprays with such an effect, so there's no way to stay out of sight on the beach. ???? If you do not feel good at shopping, you can create your own! In your spray put a little highlighter. You can even add a color of bronzant, so your tan will look even better! It sounds pretty eccentric, but you will definitely get a wow effect!

If you are a fan of makeup on the beach, keep these simple tips in mind before putting your full glow on.

- Never forget sunscreen for face (minimum factor 50)
- Use minimal
number of products

One thing, we admit, we can assume as a natural make-up on the beach - the highlighter. Nothing looks better than a healthy glow on the skin, though on the beach.
- Avoid lip gloss, use lip balm.

For added effect add swimsuits from the collections that My Lingering and Provoce offers.

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