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Julia Roberts starting a new trend with Dsquared tattoo collection

Julia Roberts stuns with entire bodysuit covered with tattoo from Dsquared2's collection. This tattoo outfits give an impression of your entire body being painted in neo-traditional tattoo art. 



Julia Roberts, 50, was recently spotted dressed in an elegant ensemble of body and tattoo imitation from Dsquared collection

Her fashion stylist Elizabeth Stuart specified that Julia Roberts chose this outfit by herself. With her choice of this extravagant look, Julia proves that rocker chic can be achieved easily. The Wonder star combines a black dress with a bodysuit from Dsquared collection, which is made of tulle and is very thin, so it fits perfectly into the body and looks natural. The tattoos have a floral pattern and some other exotic designs that make this product look great on any skin.

For maximum impact, choose the bodysuit of the Dsquared collection that matches your skin tone and then combine it with a suitable garment.


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