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Our Current Offers for Halloween 2018

Halloween is approaching and it's time to think about your costumes :)


We think it is a great occasion to have fun with friends or just enjoy ourselves, buying some of those products that for a number of reasons remain on the ground for everyone else ... like sexy lingerie for which we still do not have the courage or accessory?


Here are our suggestions for quick costumes:


Sexy devil


Yes, it is acceptable to wear lingerie on Halloween



1. Combine a delicate corset in incense color, the color of seduction and elegance, with fuzzy notes and gold for just like Halloween


2. Tights with  over knee effect by CLAUDIA SCHIFFER


Sexy red hat



Halloween is the one holiday when you can get away with "less is more." Looking sexy has never been easier

1. Black Body Alice Singing by Stella McCartney


2. Thick socks with decorative ribbon

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