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The masters of seduction with hot offers for the winter nights


Monsieur le Français created the latest masterpieces of the boutique lingerie with the new collection of the luxury brand Maison Close. With the notes of French passion and sophistication, craftily embroidered in fascinating patterns and fine lace - the Maison Close collection will impress your sensual shapes in a truly memorable way.


Our stylists have selected a piece of art called "Maison Close" and in January you can order luxury models of this brand at special discounted prices! Up to -40% discount on selected models until we run out of the sizes.



The second philosophy takes us to the sexy retro chic of Frederick's of Hollywood - another international brand of luxury lingerie, which has its own specific style, revealing the immense temptation in a fine and sophisticated way. The patterns will highlight your femininity with the richness of the fine lace and the sexy fashion cutlery. Really unique as a style and way to reveal any form! Frederick's of Hollywood is one of the most popular American brands for premium lingerie with a history dating back to 1947. We are proud to offer their best models to Bulgarian ladies who value luxury and want to own it in their wardrobe.


In January, we offer Frederick's of Hollywood with -20% discount exclusively until the quantities are exhausted! See the models here.


If you are a lady who does not compromise your style and is looking for the very best to show her femininity and sex appeal - the suggestions of Maison Close and Frederick's of Hollywood are definitely yours!


The new year can start hot in the cold winter nights - and the passion is visible in every masterpiece of these two brands.


Take advantage of discounts and give yourself luxurious lingerie from My Lingerie by Provoke!

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