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My Provocative St. Valentine

So! It’s February 8th. There are only six (6) days left to Valentine's Day. I heard people said for me that I did not buy perfumes because, you see, I used what other people gave me. Let me tell you - I do not see anything bad in gifts. They have an important purpose: appreciation. I also have a birthday soon. It's time some gifts to start arriving right now at my address.


The first holiday package came dressed in chic, black paper bag. Oh, fine - I said - lingerie. Of course, much of the excitement is in unpacking the gift. While I was wondering, who knows the size of my lingerie, my thoughts count on those who have seen me without. Not so many, do not be envy. The official version is that there are two – the father of my daughter and the gynaecologist. That in my life comes down to one. And what kind of gynaecologist will send a patient lingerie .....


So, I continue unpacking the delicate pink paper, and sweet sense captivates me. Scented lingerie? This is going to be a lot of boredom. Obviously, he has not seen me naked, but he wants it very much. Definitely, however, it has touched my senses. I start dreaming of him seeing me without lingerie. One thing is for sure - he will not run away screaming. No, do not be in a hurry to enjoy. At least, my social networking images are one to one with the original. Not because I'm an opponent of Photoshop. I just do not know how to use it. From such a captivating scent, I’m swooped. Now, the gift. By spreading every layer of this sophisticated jewel, I find ever more exciting usage of content, which is definitely surprising me. It's not lingerie. It's even better! It’s travelled to me from the distant 1928 to capture me with the gripping aroma of bubble-gum! Yes! Exactly! Bubble-gum. Sweet, fresh, bubbling, maddening, exciting, pink gum! A chew that does not awaken the senses simply, yes. It blows up the sensations. Sharpen them, challenge them, tempt them! How not to ignore the advice of Merlin Monroe and her scanty three drops of perfume.



Bijoux indiscrets is a scent that you can let to cover your body... Even the most intimate places created only for your beloved! Or the one who falls to you from the Ecumenical Handout on February 14th. And yes, there are not only one, but two gifts. I have obviously been very good girl! 2 in 1 Bubble-gum gel. Mhm, that's what you think. Silicone gel for massage and moisturizing your skin! And those places for kissing! Or massaging, or ...... That’s why is Valentine's Day. For bland tenderness, one drop provocation, cup of passion, pinch delight ...... as long as you want. 



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