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The Secrets of the Fetish

The fetish is literally that little spark that ignites fires. The luxury lingerie fetish is for the real connoisseurs of seduction that pay attention to every little detail.

Maison Close lingerie

Maison Close is a brand that is famous for its truly unique models. Not just lingerie but a real erotic philosophy that recently introduced the new collection with a focus on sexual fetish. Models are comfortable and bold, submissive and stand out with their specific temperament.

The "Black Room Collection" features a combination of lace and leather, combined with discreet pendants that can only make you and your partner to dream for dozens of intimate adventures.
The collection is created with attention to every detail - from fabrics and patterns to your unique femininity.

 Maison Close луксозно дамско бельо

One of the bestsellers in the collection is the corset - with imitation leather and clean lines - you will fall in love with it! Maison Close offers you to combine it with exquisite and comfortable skirt, also part of the collection.

Of course, the ideas from Maison Close do not end here! In our shop you will find many more ideas to answer every passionate fetish! In the month of the woman we know best that our femininity must show up - Maison Close have many solutions to what they expect!

Aubade Paris - луксозно френско дамско бельо


And if you are looking for another French touch in which the detail matters - the collection of Aubade Paris, RÊVE ÉVEILLÉ is your choice! Exquisite lace and beautiful floral embroidery turn each of the patterns into a masterpiece! The gentle nightgown in tearmelier red, Lingerie Soie d'Amour, is one of those masterpieces that we can recommend. If you are looking for something more delicate, cheerful and no less comfortable - the kimono DÉLICATE EXTASE is right for you.


Of course we have selected many great models from Aubade Paris - one of the world's most popular brands of luxury underwear.
All new offers in our online store see here.

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