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Swimsuit Trends For 2019

What we will wear on the beach this season, reveals Donika Ancheva, founder of the fashion brand PARAMIDONNA



Which swimsuit models will be fashionable this season?


This season, as well as the past, one pice swimsuit continues to be modern and up to date in all sorts of combinations such as colors and patterns. The deep-cut backs are so chic and sexy that there's no way not to be a classic in the genre this summer either. Swimsuits in classic patterns, featuring the 80s and 90s, are also very fashionable for the season.


Structured, embossed and velvet fabrics are especially suited to this summer.


I can not miss the animal prints that are present in the collections of almost every fashion brand and this season.







Which of the really popular swimsuit styles from past seasons will continue to develop in 2019?


As I mentioned, the one pice swimsuit in its thousands of variations of prints, cuts and decorations is further developed this season. This is understandable given the functionality it offers.


The swimsuit is no longer just a piece of clothing to take a sun, is something more than that. A clothe that we can boldly combine with our favorite summer jeans or skirts for walking or for example, summer parties and evenings.




What does it mean for you to create Paramidonna?


For me, it is a strong emotion and love for beach fashion, sea and travel in general that are transformed into collections and patterns. This can not be described because it is not just a job, it is a way of life and a great pleasure, a passion.



What are your earliest memories of the brand?

This April is 4 years since I started PARAMIDONNA project. At first, the brand was not just for beachwear, but over the time I understood what gives me light and brings me the most pleasure. I made my efforts there. I think it is right and when you find your calling then it becomes the most interesting thing and things happen naturally.


I remember that I was very timid and uncertain, but something made me continue, and now I understand why!



Where do you think the fashion industry (as a whole) is moving in 2019?


Given the evidence that the fashion industry and the clothing industry are the second biggest polluter on the planet, I think eco activists will take increasingly serious and more serious measures against it.


New generations of technologies are emerging that will change the fashion industry and make it greener and greener for the future.


There is no way to mention the Fast Fashion production, which is spewing gigantic volumes and is largely the culprit for the second place in the pollution rating.


For me, it makes much more sense to spend your money on a dress, a bathing suit or a quality coat of a proven company that values ​​and respects the work, knowledge and skills of employees, invests in technology to protect the environment - at a higher price, respectively, than to buy five items from fast fashion industry.


From a stylistic point of view, the fashion industry is moving towards unisex clothing and with special attention and focus on the Asian market.


Online commerce is growing every minute and occupies an increasing share of sales.


All the swimsuit models you can buy at our stores as well as online here


Some of the photos are taken from photographer Andrey Vassilev and studio ALV Creations



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