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The Beach season is officially open, but not because the thermometers went up to 30 degrees, but because "My Lingerie by Provoke" brought the summer mood literally meters from the sea.



The second stop of our beach tour is where the sun shines the most, the waves are most beautiful, the sand is the finest, the mood is always a code party - Bedroom beach in Sunny Beach.



Even if you find yourself in an unexpected vacation at My Lingerie by Provoke Summer Shop, you can find everything you need to shine brighter even from the sun's rays. Designed entirely in beach style, with a unique wooden design reminiscent of the feeling of waking up on a distant island and surrounded by exotic palm trees, our summer shop is a must-stop for anyone who loves summer.



In the store you can find the hottest ladies and men's collections of swimwear, beach accessories, towels, slippers and caftans of a wide variety of brands.



We have selected the best of the finest collection of Dsquared2, Moschino, Paramidonna, NL4YOU, Karl Lagerfeld Tshirts, Guess, Coco Rave and many more.



Besides the colors of the summer - blue and white, we remain faithful to the fashion trends and we carry neon, azure and tropical prints directly to the beach of Bedroom Beach. If you're wondering where the party is, you already know. There is hardly a larger and varied variety of patterns - whole, halves, colorful, classic, bold - for all your moods. If you have not thought about sea vision in advance, we will do it for you.



Throughout the summer season we will be in the style and mood of Sunny Beach. All you have to do is grab the smiles, from "My Lingerie by Provoke" is everything else. And do not forget that the best things happen always by the sea between June and August. 

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