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Our ideas for Halloween with little black dress

Can you believe it's almost Halloween?

If you're looking for something simple but chic, we've put together a list of three costumes that you can create with just a black dress and some easy-to-find accessories.




If you have a black dress ... just add ears and you're ready to party like a Cute cat! It's a classic Halloween costume considering how sexy and simple he is. The sleek little black dress transforms into the perfect backdrop for dressing up as a little black cat, showing off its curves. Add an ear tiara and use a black eye line.



A Maison Close lace headband as slightly whimsical as it is elegant.


Minimalistic, retro, dark: the Pure Tentation long-sleeved dress dares, for any occasion.



Audrey Hepburn - To get the iconic look of Audrey's from Breakfast in Tiffany, you'll need pearls, tiaras, a pair of gloves, sunglasses and lots of class. And our awesome black dress.



Elegant and comfortable, the Pure Tentation Dress is worn day and night


Black Leather Gloves Moschino


The Ball Star - Who said you should always dress yourself as some kind of Halloween character? If you don't want to dress up as a Halloween character like everyone else, you can just dress up as yourself (like going to a mask ball). It's the perfect excuse to dress up with a glittery black Halloween dress. You will need a mask, of course, and some other accessories to make your look shiny.



Mask - The Unknown - The Fetishes




Mittens - Pure Tentation

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