Ahavni Halvadjian is wearing Aubade Beachwear

One great experience in Agonda, India

By Ani Halvadjian – PR expert and her name is behind the success of popular formats such as “Two drops of water” – Bulgarian version of the show “Tu cara me suena,” Lords of the air – Bulgarian version of the Italian show ” Striscia la Notizia, X Factor, Bulgaria Looking for Talent – the Bulgarian version of Got Talent, the Masked Singer – the Bulgarian version of the King of Mask Singer show.

I started this text on a gloomy Sofia day, early March. I was thinking about the Indian sun, how I miss its warmth and the warmth of the people. I had no idea that in just a few days, I will miss the most important, at least for me – Freedom.

“Ani, you’re a free spirit.” I’ve been told before. Someone, I don’t even remember who, told me this time in my favorite Goa again. Why do I love Goa so much? Probably because there, that free spirit of mine feels real free.

Ahavni Halvadjian Head Stand Position

Arriving in Goa…
We arrived at my beach at 4.00 in the morning. We opened a bottle of rum in front of our cottage, discarded the shoes to put on again after 14 days. The sand is slightly cool, but the sea, as I will find out in a few minutes, is like a nice warm bath. I love the Arabian Sea … If I could liquefy the silk, it would be a sensation. Five and something the sunrise begins. Since I lost my phone last night, I couldn’t take a picture and that’s why I experienced it completely.

The next days were alike, perfect and … fly away as one. We found a great place for yoga on the beach. Our teachers are amazing people from England and Germany, and during the practice some of the little puppies that live around makes us company.

You have to be crazy to be in India and not to take advantage of the magical massages.
• The Miracles of Ayurveda;
• My favourite aromatic oil massage;
• Therapeutic massage;
• Indian Healing Smiles – Continuous, Sincere, Friendly.

After the first 2-3 days in this atmosphere of ease and harmony, we are now in the blissful state of freedom, carelessness and timelessness.

Ahavni in India


The greatest event of my life
7 years since I discovered my personal Paradise. 7 years we spend magical days and nights of Agonda. And for 7 years I have been waiting and hoping to experience something amazing that is happening on this beach. So this year finally the miracle happened and we were part of it!

Hatching and the first steps to the sea of ​​dozens of small turtles! One of the greatest moments of my life.
Agonda is unique for so many reasons. One is that huge turtles have chosen the beach for their nests. Every winter they lay their eggs here. From this moment, the locals take care of them. They enclose the nests and put up “Protected by the Government of Goa” signs. Any loud noises, lights and fires are forbidden all over the beach in the name of future turtles. And note – this ban has being respected.
This year the enclosed nests were right in front of our cottage. Our timing was perfect too. At the end of February, days before we leave for home, the babies decided it was time to hatch 🙂 This happens at night because, as always, Nature knows what is best – if they emerge during the day and head out to the sea in the gritty sand, with the blazing sun on top … Remember what will happen to these little, weak, still beings. For several nights I was staying and waiting, of course I asked the people in charge of the turtles (there are such people at the beach service) to give me a sign when …

And on the third night, we, together with an excited crowd of English, German and Scandinavian tourists, met the newly hatched babies and escorted them to the sea. They allowed me to hold one of them in my hand. I was amazed at his strength and energy. Such a small being, and such a power and desire to live! An indescribable feeling that I will never forget …

Nor did my tears of rapture and pardon when I heard some of the women chant in a low voice as brave little ones crawled to the rescue water: Bless them. Bless them!

*Ani is wearing Aubade Paris beachwear on her vacation: “I love a classic cut of Aubade swimwear. There’s just something about this one that I love! It’s so pretty and makes me want to go on vacation.”