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Fashion Trends in Swimwear – Summer 2020

A variety of colors and shapes will be up-to-date this summer. See what are the fashion trends in swimwear for summer 2020.

With each passing year, world designers are paying increasing attention to swimwear and there is definitely a reason. Swimwear becomes as important part of a ladies wardrobe as a little black dress – dressing up in special cases and combining sophistication, style, but also a dose of sex appeal. A number of fashion brands have turned their sights on beachwear and we can safely say that we already have a huge selection. But how to choose a swimsuit according to the fashion trends? Today we will answer this question and give you some great suggestions to make a stylish impression on the beach.

  1. One-Piece Swimsuits
    One-Piece Swimsuits has been trendy for several seasons, but this year we see a variety of colors and shapes. They are more and more like the clothes you would wear on the street, and they are a great way to hide little details from your body that you don’t like (if you have one, of course). Many ladies rely on One-Piece swimwear if they want to conceal a bloated belly or a scar on the body. Ralph Lauren and Stella McCartney have some really impressive suggestions, but they’re not the only ones we fell in love with. You can see all the swimwear here:
  2. Covered-up pieces
    One of our favorite trends this season! The extremely elegant and comfortable swimsuit tops with new shapes with long-sleeve are trendy this season. They are specifically designed for ladies who love the high spirits, whether we’re talking surfing, diving or just adventurous in life. The models combine a beautiful design with a huge variety of colors. You can only bet on one color if you prefer mostly minimalist looks or choose multicolored patterns for even more summer mood and freshness.
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3. Variety of shapes
If you are tired of the standard swimwear models, this year the designers will take care of your preferences. Michael Kors has created a great proposition that extravagant ladies will get involved at a glance. It combines a top and a delicate veil that adds to the feel of Hawaiian travel. The proposal from the fashion house is also suitable for ladies with sensitive skin, as you can optionally cover a considerable part of your feet with veils.

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Of course, forms are expressed in many different ways. Among them you can find large ribbons, whole ribbons, cut in different places in asymmetrical shapes and many more. If you enjoy demonstrating your extravagance and being different, we believe this trend is right for you.

4. Black is always fashionable
This year, too, black swimsuits in all shapes are set on the horizon. Black is a classic and can hardly be displaced from the catwalk because this colour is a timeless. So if you decide to bet on a black swimsuit, no matter what the model, you will definitely not go wrong.
Tip: Keep in mind that black is more attractive to the sun and be careful if you have sensitive skin. Do not miss to use protective skin cosmetic.

5. Vintage swimwear
Retro is always in the trends and has been returning for the past few seasons with full force. The fashion trends of the 1950s and 1960s will continue to be relevant in the summer of 2020, and swimwear reflected in coloured patterns, embellished with white dots, high waist bikinis and closed tops. Of course, ladies who recognize this tendency should also pay attention to scarves, as they are an accessory that complements the overall look. You can choose a stylish hairpiece or a gentle scarf to capture your hair. The choice is yours.