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Women talk: Lessons in lingerie

Beautiful lingerie has miraculous feature – it heals old wounds, elevates mood, gives confidence and awakens sexual appetite. It is difficult to argue with the fact that every woman feels especially attractive in an elegant and seductive lingerie.

The lingerie speaks a lot about personality and character, personifies the feminine essence.

Buying lingerie can be challenging because of the variety of models, quality and price.

We decided to ask some of our well known clients what are the most important tips they would give when choosing lingerie

Next to answer our questions is Ceci Krasimirova, a Bulgarian fashion model since 1990. She is known for having worked with brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Bvlgari, Nina Ricci. She is also known for hosting the 2010 television program High Heels on bTV. She is known for having won the titles of Best Model of Bulgaria pageant in 1997 and the Best Model of Europe competition the same year. 

She shares her modeling photos along with additional lifestyle content through her Instagram for her over 21,000 followers. 

Ceci Krasimirova is married to Michael Straumietis – the founder and CEO of Advanced Nutrients, the world’s No. 1 cannabis-specific cultivation company.

When I choose lingerie I prefer

Comfortable and quality.

Do you have a favorite lingerie color or do you love variety?

I like diversity.

For special cases, I prefer … Because …

For special occasions I often use a corset because it shapes the female body beautifully.

Do you prefer comfortable or effective lingerie?

I personally prefer comfortable lingerie

What does your favorite swimsuit look like?

My favorite is one-piece swimsuit 

What is your favorite lingerie brand and why?

La Perla – because they are unique and with high quality.

Wish Something to our readers

Stay home and be sexy! Bring your family together and reinvent your partner!