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Combinations and ideas for a sexy beach outfit

We are locked at home all day and we do not stop dreaming about the coming summer, so if you feel like that – you are not alone. Although we do not know exactly how long the current situation will last, the good news has already emerged that we will be able to visit the sea. This quickly makes us think about which beach outfit is best for our future vacation. That’s why we have selected a few ideas to make it easier to combine your beach accessories so that you feel irresistible and confident. Here they are:

  1. Choose a beach towel that is large enough and made of quality fabric – This is important because small, thin towels get wet quickly and a large amount of sand sticks to them. Moisture is unfavorable for your skin and if the fabric is low grade, you may even feel irritation and discomfort. Thicker beach towels with bright colors will delight you visually and at the same time will make you feel like you are lying on a fluffy cloud. We recommend that you focus on saturated shades to combine with your swimsuit.
  2. Choose the right swimsuit – The one that is most comfortable. Depending on your figure, you can choose a set of two parts or a one piece variant. Colors and patterns also matter – swimsuits that have a stripe in the vertical direction will lengthen you. The upper parts, which have many shapes and colors, optically enlarge the bust. Michael Kors swimwear collection has a wide variety of colors and patterns. Extremely modern and stylish are the bottoms of high-waisted swimsuits – they hide any imperfections and your belly will look flatter than ever. If you want to stand out from the crowd for sure, bet on Moschino
  3. Add a pareo – it has several benefits. You can go to the beach without wearing other clothes, as pareo coverage is absolutely sufficient. It can be more colorful and accentuating than your swimsuit and you can use it to complete your look. The pareo in the shape of a scarf can be worn as a skirt or dress and in our collection there are also beach tunics and dresses that have beautiful cuts and can be worn immediately. They have irresistible colors and fabrics that will caress your skin. We recommend the Stella McCartney beach dress model, which you can combine with the swimsuit from the same series.
  4. Choose a dress if you want to be ready for the party quickly – If you are a girl who is on the beach until the evening and always dances tirelessly, you will probably be happy to have a dress on hand that is suitable for the party. Michael Kors beach dress is suitable for this purpose. The black color makes the dress as successful as the classic little black dress. The open shoulders will allow you to feel the light sea breeze, and the floral white elements will easily be combined with your swimsuit.
  5. Tunic with ornaments – Boho style, transferred to fashion, brings freedom of spirit and inspires a desire for new adventures. You will feel free and uncontrollable if you choose the women’s beach tunic with blue ornaments Michael Kors. With this dress you can dance freely, wear it while reading a book and the sun sets and even take a midnight walk along the shore. Combine uncompromisingly with the cobalt blue beach towel HUGO BOSS. To enhance your sexy presence, combine it with the sophisticated full swimsuit in white Age of Innocence.
  6. The ever-current snake print – It is always eye-catching, and now it is in an even more special reddish-honey pattern. The boldest combination of a full swimsuit and chic chiffon pants will be suitable for those ladies who are inevitably the center of attention and admiration.

Always be yourself. Whatever fashion trend you follow, it is most important to always wear what you like to feel comfortable. Confidence comes when the clothes perfectly match your style and character, so trust your intuition and choose a swimsuit, beach towel and accessories to emphasize your personality.