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Women talk: Lessons in lingerie

Beautiful lingerie has miraculous feature – it heals old wounds, elevates mood, gives confidence and awakens sexual appetite. It is difficult to argue with the fact that every woman feels especially attractive in an elegant and seductive lingerie.

The lingerie speaks a lot about personality and character, personifies the feminine essence.

Buying lingerie can be challenging because of the variety of models, quality and price.

We decided to ask some of our well known clients what are the most important tips they would give when choosing lingerie

Next to answer our questions is Neviana Vladinova– Bulgarian individual rhythmic gymnast. She is the 2014 Grand Prix Final All-around bronze medalist, captain of the national women’s rhythmic gymnastics team individually, finalist at the Rio Olympics. She was named the 2017 Woman of the Year in the Sport category in a ceremony organised by Grazia magazine. In June 2016 she received the World Class Gymnast award from the International Gymnastics Federation.

When I choose lingerie I prefer

First to be comfortable and second to be suitable for my body type

Do you have a favourite lingerie color or do you love variety?

I prefer black lingerie. I also often wear nude colour not to be visible under any clothing.

For special cases, I prefer … Because …

Black, comfortable and slightly mysterious. Black because it’s my favorite. Comfortable, because when I feel comfortable I’m more confident and calm. Slightly mysterious to be interesting though 😂

Do you prefer comfortable or effective lingerie?

Above all comfortable, but both can be combined. We women need to loo spectacular 😉

What does your favourite swimsuit look like?

Bright mono colour bikini with high waist bottom and thin straps.

What is your favorite lingerie brand and why?

I have no favourite brand. But let’s say Agent Provocateur, because combine sporty, elegant and comfortable look.

Wish Something to our readers

I wish them to be healthy first, to take care of themselves, to do things that make them feel happy, to wear things in which they feel  good (no matter what the fashion trends say), to give and to recieve a lot of love and when they can to do something good!