Bordelle – luxury lingerie with 24k gold details and a seductive shape

Bordelle is a niche and unique concept in women’s lingerie and bodywear that combines true craftsmanship with ground-breaking designs, toying with themes of seduction and domination. The Bordelle aesthetic is characterised by body-con silhouettes and rooted in a proprietary technique that blends 24k gold-plated hardware and customised satin elastic to create iconic pieces featuring a luxury S&M sensuality. They inspired us so much that we decided to tell you their story:

Bordelle opened its first store in 2009. in Selfridges, on the famous Oxford street in London. Their body-shaped dress, made up of elastic belts, sells out within a day, right after the opening. Subsequently, the line is expanded to include new, unique models, a bridal collection and a tailoring studio, which makes the models to order.

Bordelle skirt

The products are available in stores and specialized boutiques in over 25 countries around the world. To date, the brand is one of the few that manually produces its models in London and Europe in standardised sizes. Every season the lines are updated according to the trends, but always following the initial message of memorable lingerie, which is provocative and breathtaking.

The creator of Bordelle has never studied fashion design

Alexandra Popa created the company to fill the gap in the market for experimental lingerie, which is extremely seductive and the right size for every woman in the world. Her concept was fueled by her personal interests and design preferences – she liked luxurious, sexy curves, but so far they have always existed as low-quality, vulgar lingerie, with no attention paid to detail.


A master’s degree in economics and management, and with previous experience in a small advertising studio in London, Alexandra developed the concept from her own views. She funds her idea entirely on her own and works with freelance designers who also create and refine the luxury reading and aesthetics of erotic models. And they soon became emblematic.

Dedicated to her work, working alongside her employees Alexandra independently manages her technical team to ensure quality production, carefully researching and customising each style during the sampling process. Her lack of a specialized degree in lingerie is actually a blessing, as it forces her to think in a new, much more creative way.

It creates a unique and unconventional sizing system, with which Bordelle breaks the existing technical limits – the brand for the first time produces lingerie that adapts elegantly to body size, despite its high density. This aesthetic and practical innovation allows the models in the portfolio to have much larger sizes than the classic lingerie, as they fit the body and are practically suitable for every woman.

The values ​​that guarantee the development of the brand

Bordelle’s team is small and highly dependent on each of its members. For them, respect, integrity and sincere attitude are fundamental. They strive to create models that embody unique, bold and unlimited innovations to provide through technical know-how developed over many years. It is unique for the brand. Bordelle’s success would not be possible without a strong collaborative approach, in which the team is encouraged to have an entrepreneurial mindset, which values ​​the sharing of ideas in all aspects of the business and which aims to develop all possible skills. The sum of all these qualities guarantees the success of the brand beyond the high quality and stylish look.

“We are united by our true passion for lingerie, so we enjoy a satisfying and happy work environment where you are quickly overwhelmed with curiosity and start experimenting, until at some point you become fearless in your pursuit of innovation and fashion design.” Alexandra Popa

The scales go hand in hand with responsibility

At Bordelle, professional partnerships with customers and suppliers are very important. The company manages to overcome the seasonal nature of low-quality fashion brands through timeless design, universal size and high-quality production. Dedicated to maintaining and improving the quality and developing avant-garde and elastic materials that shape the bodies of its customers, Bordelle creates luxurious erotic lingerie that fits every woman’s silhouette.

And did you choose a model from the Bordelle series?