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How important is water for preparing our body and face for summer season?

We asked the experts from Baldaran Spring AD, the company that bottles Baldaran spring water in the heart of the Rhodopes.

As we all know, water is an integral part of us. That is why we need it every day, 365 days a year, so that our body can survive and function properly. It is good to drink water throughout the day, often in small sips as the water is recommended to be at room temperature. To maintain water balance in the body, doctors recommend water intake between 2-3 liters / day depending on physical activity, which is strictly individual, body weight and even age. Many people are guided by the rule that they should drink 30 ml of water per kilogram of body weight. Beyond all the statistics and recommendations, however, it is very important for everyone to find the balance of water intake and what is the amount that makes him feel good in his skin without feeling dehydrated. And the type of water that is suitable for every day is spring bottled water, because this type of water does not need to alternate with other types of water.

But what happens during our favorite summer? In the summer it is mandatory to increase the daily intake of water, as high temperatures cause fluid loss in the body during thermoregulation. The sun, heat and air conditioners further dry our skin this season. This deficiency cannot be compensated with other drinks such as cocktails, fresh juices or sweetened drinks, as they lead to additional dehydration of the body. Water best quenches thirst and hydrates our body by taking care of its healthy appearance and beauty. It increases vitality, favors the appearance of the skin, takes care of its radiance and elasticity. In addition, water is the best natural detoxifier, freeing us from accumulated toxins and fats.

No matter what procedures we follow for body and face care, our health and beauty are unthinkable if we do not drink enough water according to our individual needs and lifestyle.

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