How to wear garter belts


What is the mystique around a garter belt? Perhaps the fact that they existed only to create pleasure – a symbol of sexuality from an era when looking over a lady’s knee could still raise a man’s heart rate.

The old time and the garter belts

Although garter belts are not as popular today as they were when they were a practical must have item of women’s clothing, they are still essential for any lingerie lover. Garter belts with high socks are a great alternative to tights, because once you learn how to wear them properly, you will find that they are actually very comfortable, less restrictive and much sexier.

How to wear Garter Belt

Garter belts are often worn as part of a set of lingerie. You can wear them with fishnet stockings or silk socks, depending on the occasion and your mood. Garter belts are a great way to emphasize the thighs and back of the body, while creating a curved, elongated silhouette. If you want to wear a garter belt, but you are not sure how to wear it, here is a step-by-step guide:

1. It is very important to order a garter belt and stockings in the right size so that there is no discomfort and pulling caused by the wrong size. Size guides to help you choose the right size are always available on the label of the item.

2. Place the garter belt on your waist and fasten it so that it fits comfortably. It should fit snugly enough and also should not be pulled down by the socks.

3. Rotate the belt around your waist so that the front of it is in front of your body. The garter belt should sit on your natural waist, but it can also sit lower if you prefer.

4. Adjust the garter straps so that they hang about 1/4 to 1/3 of the thigh. Loosen the strap near the adjustable divider and pull until the strap reaches the correct length and the straps are the same length.

5. One by one, slowly insert your foot into the sock and gently pull up, stopping at the top of the thigh. Remember to handle socks carefully so as not to accidentally create stitches with your nails or jewelry.

6. Then open the garter clasp that hangs at the end of the garter strap. Press the back with the up button until it can slide off the hook at the top. Insert the top of the sock into the open garter clasp. Close the garter clasp and press the bottom button down into the hook. Do this for all sides until both socks are attached at the front and back. Do not hesitate to make adjustments for your comfort.

After training several times to put on a belt for garters and socks, it will become easier and you will feel more comfortable and confident to wear them. The beauty of garter belts is that you can wear them all day under your work clothes or with sexy lingerie in the bedroom. There are so many beautiful garter belts that you can buy that you need to have several styles to choose from in your underwear drawer.