Iren Dikova for fashion and her life

Love and Luxury with Irene


Irene Dikova is an interior designer and owner of her own brand of T-shirts with a messageBloom Stars.

She participates in dozens of events to promote organ donation, including the European Transplant and Dialysis Sports Championships in 2018.

We chose to introduce Irene because she combines a woman’s strength and love of beauty. Irene is currently living her second life after a lung transplantation.


Irene Dikova for her life and fashion

Who is Irene?

A mix of emotions and passion

What is your passion?

To inspire people, to play sports and work for myself.

What is your definition of a strong, gorgeous woman?

The one who knows her place and knows how to manipulate others in the most harmless way. Strong in spirit, gentle as a woman.

How did you get to where you are now?

With many falls, pain and deprivation, but also with constant motivation and inspiration

What do you want women who have your destiny to know?

That the power is in us and if we do not believe in ourselves and in the good, we will not succeed

Your favorite leisure outfit?

White t-shirt and classic jeans.

Favorite bra?

Lace bralette 

Favorite brand:

I can’t say. For jeans it is one, for T-shirts another, shoes and accessories – another. I like to experiment.

Personal mantra:

Fight to the end and you will succeed! Do not give up!

Irene Dikova for her life and fashion

The best way to relieve stress:

Near the sea with a book

The biggest extravagance:

Once on Halloween, I dressed myself as a patient, and because I really had to use an oxygen machine then, because of my health, I pretended to be part of the costume.


Positivism, smile.

A moment you are proud of:

My second life and all the medals in skiing and tennis in my life.

The biggest risk:

To start a business on my own at the age of 20

Bad habit:

I tell everything as it is. I am too sincere and naive

Hidden talent:

I know how to react super well in a hellishly stressful situation

Fear you’re trying to overcome:

Fear of snakes, I can’t even look at them in a picture

In one word, I am Aries


Irene is wearing a black jumpsuit with laser cut details by Karl Lagerfeld, which is very comfortable and a must have for summer or chill days at home or for walks.

All items from the collection of Karl Lagerfeld can be viewed here