figure of A

Meet the woman behind the Figure of A

Figure of A is an accessories brand inspired by Japanese rope bondage – Shibari, designed by rope artist and fashion designer, Anna Kii.



Edgy, architectural, feminine and body-aware, Figure of A pieces function equally well as part of your everyday styling as they do as part of a fetish-heavy ensemble. It is Anna’s hope that her product’s wearability and amenity with contemporary fashion will help lift Shibari from the underground, recontextualising the art form in the public imagination to the aesthetic, sensual and consensual practise it truly is.



1.Would you tell us more about yourself and your background ?


I am a Russian born, German raised creative, I have studied a BA in Visual Communications and always been obsessed with fashion and design. Coming to London in 2012 opened my eyes to new styles and movements.


2.When did you create “Figure of A” and what inspired you to take this huge step ?


I discovered Shibari- Japanese rope bondage at a party and through friends, and after travelling to Japan I fell in love with this practice. I always wanted to run an alternative label, so the idea for the wearable rope bondage accessories came to me eventually. I have launched my label in 2016 but there was a long preparation beforehand. It was a big step but it was the only option to quit my old job and just go for it!


3.How did you choose your brand’s name ?


‘Figure of 8 /Eight’ is a beautiful knot symbolising eternity, and the ‘A’ is standing for my name Anna. Both merge to Figure of A.


4.Do you remember your first collection you ever launched onto the market ? What does it remind you of ?


My first collection was more about bags, which are connected with rope to the body like a harness. Later on I developed many other pieces and now the handbags are only an addition. But I am still very proud of their design.


5.What is the secret behind Figure of A’s success ?


I am extremely hard working and dedicated. My body is full with adrenaline and excitement when I work! Now I have a lovely studio space and assistants who help me producing. Seeing my customers at events and parties makes it so worthwhile!


6.Every business has it’s sacrifices . What is the biggest sacrifice you’ve ever made in the name of fashion ?


The biggest sacrifice is not being at home enough to spend time with my partner, cancelling on dinner dates with friends and skipping exercise, all due to work overload and little time! However it does not happen much anymore, it used to be much harder when started the brand. Now I am able to schedule my work much better.


7.What can we expect in your next collections ?


My work is a continuation and a constant improvement! My new pieces offer a very detailed approach, a better level of quality and fit. They are still the same ethos of Shibari, but I have added new COVID related products like a bondage mask and rope necklace attachment.


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