THE LINGERIE is our second skin and that’s why it’s important to really feel confident in it. Sometimes, even though is the hidden part of the woman’s clothing, lingerie indeed gives most self confidence.

Typically as women, we rarely know what lingerie to choose. Well, the problem is solved, because BAED STORIES came to rescue us. They’re always the right choice.


The motto of the brand is “Sensuality and tenderness throughout the day, freedom and passion throughout the night” , which describes perfectly each one of us.


We, the women, are like chameleons and just like them, we also tend to get into different characters and colors , and BAED STORIES gives us that opportunity to be whatever or whoever we want to be, but always the best version of ourselves.


baed stories


BAED STORIES is founded in 2017 FROM WOMEN TO THE WOMEN , and that’s why it’s everything  we would’ve ever wanted. The concept standing behind their remarkable designs is holding to the idea of accentuating  the natural divinity of woman’s body, adding a dose of sex appeal in a seductive yet stylish way. The brand stands behind the idea of contentment with the person that we see in the mirror, that’s why in their campaigns they hire women  we see in our every day life, normal women like us – in a different skin color, imperfect tan, with scars, reminding us of everything we’ve been through, also women with curvy bodies.


The Ukranian  brand is well-known for producing designer women’s lingerie in all sizes.




BAED STORIES’ products are made of high-quality fabrics and are constructed in a way close to the almost unattainable perfection combining at the same time convenience, sophistication and most importantly – explosive sex appeal. Their lingerie fits amazingly well on every body shape, simultaneously accentuating on the advantages of the woman’s body yet concealing the problematic zones we don’t want to be seen.


While developing the brand, it’s founders paid attention to all of the ladies’ desires regarding how they imagine the perfect provocative lingerie. And after all their efforts, they somehow managed to bring all their ideas  to life.



BAED STORIES, be the author of your own story!