One different, sexy Halloween

This year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, Halloween parties will be banned in many places. Halloween 2020 will really be one of those days that we will remember.

This year, almost everything in our world has changed … but not our love of Halloween fun and enjoyment. So we release our inspiration for Halloween – to celebrate the season in a safe, ghostly, unexpected and sexy way.




And if you, like us, want every day to be Halloween, then you just found your little corner for inspiration! With us you can celebrate Halloween 365 days a year. Here you will find ideas on how to dress appropriately for Halloween, which are also affordable and sexy, as well as all the accessories you never knew you needed. Together we will make Halloween to remember.

One of our favorite things about Halloween is seeing everyone’s creativity. Therefore, this time do not be part of the cliché, but be sexy for Halloween with the help of our following suggestions:

Sexy maid
There is something to clean in every house. Wipe off the dust, the floors are for washing, wash the dishes. Make sure you are prepared for this job! Whether your choice is a traditional French maid costume or you prefer more chic and modern style, you will find both options with us.




Military girl

Attention! It’s time to declare your rank with our fantastic idea for a women’s military fashion and sexy suit. The military theme has always been popular for sophisticated parties with many women who want to become strong, brave and dominant characters and thus feel amazing.




A girl from the 70s

Do you remember those sexy years – the 70s? Remember when everyone danced all night? Of course, you too can transform into a girl from the 70’s – and we are here to help you recreate exactly the 70’s you need!

Whether you’re walking with Abba’s “Dancing Queen” or maybe you look like “Hot Stuff”, you’ll want to do it with one of our offers! Some of our accessories will surely add some of the sparkle of 1970 to your evening!




The approach of the holiday is an occasion to remember the sinister titles that have remained in the history of cinema as the most iconic scary movies of all time. With their adrenaline-fueled scenes, the stories in them guarantee shocking emotions.

If you, like us, are fans of the holiday, then follow our page, because we have prepared interesting sexy looks!