Food and sex are two of the most satisfying things on earth – especially if you combine them.

We at My Lingerie by Provoke know that food is an emotion, a love and a memory. What we eat affects not only our health and figure, but also stimulates sexual energy and desire.


Recently, it is often said that sex is greatly influenced by what we eat. Certain foods affect sexual life in different ways.


We invited Alex Gocev to tell us more about this mystery


Alex Gotsev is born and lives in Vienna, Austria. In recent years he has worked in the kitchens of famous and highly regarded restaurants such as Le Ciel, Sacher, Novelli, Silvio Nickol and Kuchlmasterei.

He now has his own business and advises entrepreneurs around the world on his innovative approach – Alchemy of Taste.



Alex, tell us about Alchemy of Taste.

The alchemy of taste is multidimensional, it has a spiritual aspect, which is practically applicable in life. Deals with the study of matter through physical and spiritual laws. We can also say that it deals with the human psyche.


Is it related to the fact that we can influence with the food we cook?

Of course. Food is a way of expression. If you want someone to fall in love with you, you have to cook something emotional for them. I give you an example: I go home and smell cake, vanilla, lemon peel, roasted chestnuts, a cup of coffee. The air is full of love, comfort and tranquility. It affects me and I want to spend time with my loved one. Through the taste and aroma of food, we can consciously influence and evoke certain feelings in our guests or in our loved ones. Cooking is a kind of ritual. This ritual has a certain emotional impact. Cooking is an alchemy: an art that directly affects taste and smell, emotions and memory.


What does this impact depend on?

It depends on a person’s mental strength. And mental strength depends on what food we eat and whether we have a healthy sex life.


What do you call a healthy sex life?

This is the moment of sublimation of the souls of two people who love each other and fall into supreme ecstasy. In this connection there is no taboo and it is experienced with all its power. You have unconditional trust in the other. 


And the food …?

It should be not only vital but also delicious. It must carry an emotional charge. Food is not just a means of survival, but a lifestyle. It is important to serve the food, to create the necessary atmosphere in which to be perceived – pleasant music, favorite company, good atmosphere. It is important because the emotion of the environment also determines the emotion of eating. Like the amazing and beautiful lingerie. 


How to influence our loved one and predispose him / her,  increase the desire for sex or make him / her more sensitive?

There are many aphrodisiacs and ritual practices in nature that can significantly increase long-term desire. These are oysters, chili, pomegranate, asparagus, pumpkin seeds, avocados, strawberries, various spices. Heat treatment of the active substances of the product is also important. More cooked and baked dishes. Avoid fried.


Can you give us a recipe to create a pleasant evening for a loved one, to seduce or increase libido?

Spaghetti alle vongole (veraci) – spaghetti with tiny baby clams in the shell and green asparagus, a little lemon peel and nutmeg. Add a little chili. Helps release more enzymes, boosts blood circulation and releases hormones of happiness, which is important for the libido.


Did your scientific approach to food give birth to the idea of ​​Sensory fine dinning? How are they different from everything else?

Partly yes, but also my sense of life. I love to live and I know how to enjoy life. This is an idea from the future that is yet to develop. In the future, everything will revolve around interaction with the guest and the creation of magical experiences. We are the first to deal so deeply with this phenomenon and we are laying the foundations of a new science that combines gastrophysics with cosmogony (universal doctrine of life). In the future, “Alchemy of Taste” will be studied in school by chefs and will be an integral part of the learning process. The difference of sensory evenings is that we can consciously create sensations and emotions through various sensory influences. Imagine that a person is like a guitar and we know exactly how to tune it to get the desired tone. Sensory evenings are, in fact, the applied part of “Alchemy of Taste”.


Alex shared with us the secret of the wonderful Spaghetti alle vongole

500g mussels “Vongole”

250g. green asparagus

180g. paste “Cavatelli”

80ml. white wine

60g oil

50g onion

1sk. garlic




olive oil


salt and pepper

Heat a saucepan with olive oil, add the mussels along with the garlic, onion, asparagus and a little red chili. Fry for about a minute, add the wine, a little broth (or the water of the already cooked pasta) and let it boil slightly. Grate a little nutmeg, add salt and pepper. Finally, add the butter to make a thick sauce and add the cooked pasta. Arrange on top with a little basil and parmesan wish.

We will end with an excerpt from our favourite book. 
“If you want to make someone cry,” Bruno said slowly, “you let him cut onions.” But if you want to make him sad, you cook him what his mother cooked for him when he was a child. Do you understand the difference? “