Christmas Gift Guide: For Men Only

Christmas is very soon, so why not make your loved ones feel extra special, with a gift chosen by My Lingerie by Provoke. Find joy in the power of giving and stay connected this Christmas through our holiday offers!


Choose for those, who you love a special gift from us, that we are sure they will fall in love with: from the softest, home or sportswear to sexy lingerie and stylish accessories!


We have created this Christmas gift guide, full of surprisingly good offers! We know that finding the perfect Christmas gift is not an easy task. Even more so when it comes to lingerie and you are not sure which lingerie is the best option. So, we are here to make it easier for you.



Generally speaking, with us you will find unique, beautiful and elegant lingerie.

Tip 1: Given that this is a gift, stay away from the simple and focus on something more beautiful and exciting than just practical. After all, which woman wants a practical Christmas present, right?


Tip 2: When choosing lingerie as a giftр focus on who you are buying it for. Always think about the taste of the person for whom you buy lingerie or nightgown, accessory. It is important to consider the other person’s wishes and dreams. It is true that you do not buy for yourself, but since you obviously have an idea of ​​what you want to see, boldly indulge in dreams.


Tip 3: There is a taboo when buying lingerie as a Christmas present. Never, under any circumstances, buy shaping underwear. Never. Don’t even think about it. Of course, there is nothing wrong with wearing shape underwear, but not as a gift. Trust us for this.


Tip 4: Be original! Buy something beautiful and spectacular. Something colorful. Or an elegant set of black lingerie. Every woman loves the timeless black lace lingerie set, right?


Here you are our specific proposals with a 100% chance of success!


A cute seductive pink maxi t-shirt, a dress type from the new Moschino collection would be the perfect gift for Christmas.



If you do not have a huge budget, you can still find the wonderful sets of bra and panty by Moschino at a price below 140,00 USD




We also have some incredibly affordable bodysuits to choose from. Why not give a bodysuit from the NL4YOU collection? Only for 14,99 USD





And why not choose a beautiful set of bra and bikini with pearls? Nothing says “I love you” like a set of lingerie with pearls from Mallorca. You should definitely keep in mind this luxury lingerie. Every woman, after opening her Christmas present and finding an exclusive set of Bracli lingerie, will remain speechless.



Body accessories are one of our most sought after items because of the great variety, quality and elegance they give. They can be worn on or under clothes, depending on the purpose, desires and emotions. See our offers



For those who want to bet entirely on eroticism and sex appeal, there is naturally a wide range of seductive items: garter belts, ethereal lace nightgowns, transparent bodysuits. Silk and satin nightgowns are sometimes so attractive that you can easily mistake them for a little evening dress.


So, dear gentlemen, I think we have given you enough ideas for Christmas gifts. And with this pre-holiday fever, we recommend that you prepare yourself with a New Year’s gift too, as the quantities are limited, the demand is quite high, and we assume you don’t want to leave the lady of your heart without a set of sexy lingerie in the latest fashion.