New Year’s Eve traditions and practices for good luck

New Year’s Eve is more than just enjoying a few glasses of champagne. If you have already finished with the Christmas presents and are eating the last piece of the Christmas food, this is a sign that the end of the year is approaching – it’s time to take off your Christmas sweater and recharge with the New Year’s spirit! But what does that mean? You still don’t know how you will celebrate the New Year? Don’t worry – we have gathered some New Year’s traditions for you in the hope of inspiring you.

If you ask us, no detail can be ignored when it comes to choosing a New Year’s outfit for example: the dress must be perfect, the accessories unforgettable and even your lingerie can not just be put on without a certain symbol in it. Because if there is a part of you that believes in superstition, the color you wear under all these sequins, glittering ornaments and feathers actually matters. Keep reading to find out the meaning of lingerie to wear while the clock strikes 12, and be sure to choose carefully before leaving home.

New Year’s traditions around the world


Every Italian from north to south will make sure to wear red underwear/lingerie to wear on December 31st to celebrate New Year and thus be lucky. A tradition (apparently) dating back to the Middle Ages and used by men who used to cover in red their intimates to protect their precious “family jewelry” from witches who were outside the village streets at midnight, casting spells. And red is a lucky color that brings good luck. It keeps negative energy away. Giving a red underwear/lingerie as a gift means wishing great happiness and a rich and satisfying new year ahead. Whether you’re into plain panties or something a little bolder, if you’re celebrating New Year’s Eve in Italy, you need to make sure one thing: your underwear/lingerie should be red. As they said in Italy, wearing red underwear/lingerie guarantees good luck and success for next year! That’s why shortly after Christmas, Italians flock to stores across the country to grab some red lingerie for good luck. Here are our suggestions for red lingerie for New Year’s Eve:




If you’ve ever been lucky enough to find yourself on a beach in Brazil on New Year’s Eve, then you need to make sure you celebrate the New Year like the locals – by jumping into the sea when the clock strikes 12! New Year’s purists make sure they shower from head to toe, jumping trough seven waves, making a New Year’s wish every time they jump over the wave. If you really want to make sure that these wishes come true, then you should wear lingerie / swimwear with a different color for each wish. Yellow for prosperity, red or pink for love, green for hope and white for peace. But how do you ensure that your wish is fulfilled? By making sure that the underwear / swimwear is brand new! If you are celebrating the New Year on a beach and you want to make sure that you will celebrate it like the Brazilians, here are our swimsuit suggestions:




In Spain, locals have a bit of a challenge when they celebrate! Spanish tradition dictates that after midnight, you should eat 12 grapes. With each grape eaten, people wish different things for the coming year. If you come to Spain on New Year’s Eve and do not have grapes on hand, do not panic – at least be sure to welcome the New Year in good and soft home clothes from Moschino.


North America

Several regions in North America also have their own traditions. In Puerto Rico, white bikinis are worn to promote fertility and health; in Mexico, yellow for luck and red for love.


But in our opinion, no matter where you celebrate the New Year, you can always start your tradition by buying underwear/lingerie/bikini that matches your goals for next year. Whether you are looking for love or just need a little extra luck, incorporate these traditions to achieve this extra advantage in the new year. Do not forget our selection of high quality lingerie and beautiful swimwear.