Beauty tips during quarantine

Who would have guessed that standing behind 4 walls indefinitely would become something so normal, one of the basic rules we must follow to protect ourselves and our loved ones. The global pandemic has changed our perceptions of a normal way of life, so we will never be the same people again. But spending more time at home is not so bad actually. Anyway we must not lose the desire to wear beautiful clothes and lingerie and to feel wanted and irresistible. It is unthinkable to make wearing the same home clothes a routine. Just because we can’t go out and travel doesn’t mean we can’t take care of ourselves and our bodies!

It has been proven that clothes at home also affects our mood and self-esteem. Elegance at home will bring you joy and good mood!

Let’s start with a set of sexy lingerie – a promising start for a new, better and confident self. With our captivating set of fine embroidery Akiko by Coco de Mer, you will inevitably feel great. Let the gentle touch of the silk straps make you forget that you are at home. Put on red lipstick, spray your hair, a little sexy perfume and let the image from the mirror make you fall in love with.


And why not break the stay at home mood and replace the shorts with something just as comfortable, but also emphasizing all the virtues of the figure. Our Penelope pajamas from Coco de Mer are the most optimal option for this purpose. The charming cut, the translucent chiffon and the most important element – the pearl, will make you feel like a queen.


If, after all, shorts are an integral part of your everyday life, we have the perfect alternative, with which comfort is implied, but as a bonus you will receive the attention of your loved one. We are presenting you, exclusively, the new lace shorts from the Ukrainian brand DON’T LOOK, with which you cannot go unnoticed. Combined with the satin bracelet from their MUSE collection, you will undoubtedly look at yourself in a whole new way.


The sun rises higher and higher, the day becomes bigger and bigger and with that the desire for Beautiful Self is revived. You can’t wait to get out of bed and enjoy the first rays of sunshine. A coffee, drunk with pleasure and in a silk night slip dress, is much more refreshing. The Aubade silk night slip dress with playful lace will not only pamper your skin, but will give you romance.


In addition, choose silk satin from Stella McCartney. Lingerie, combining comfort and elegance. Satin is a symbol of tenderness, passion, softness and beauty.


Time spent at home can be used to take care of ourselves. And the argument that we don’t have time is no longer valid. If there is one good thing about the situation the coronavirus has put us in, it is that we can relax and take care of fashion at home.