Mariyana Markova and her helpful advises on how to spent our mountain vacation the most exciting way possible

The beauty from the reality show The Mole raises the curtain on her winter vacation.

Mariana, where do we find you?

I am in Pamporovo. This remarkable resort is located in the core of magnificent Rhodope mountains, which was inhabited by the mythical musician Orpheus once. Pamporovo is the southernest ski resort in Europe with the best weather conditions. I don’t know if you knew, but Pamporovo is the sunniest mountain holiday resort in Bulgaria with perfect snow coverage all season long.

Tell us more about your stay there.

I love winter sports, and Pamporovo offers ski slopes of all levels of difficulty. Most slopes start from the highest point in the resort (1,937 m). There are also three cross-country ski runs with a total length of 40 km. The tracks are of varying difficulty (green, blue, red and black) suitable for all ages and skill levels, for both beginners and professionals. Pamporovo is one of the most suitable ski centers for beginners due to the presence of the longest green ski slope in Bulgaria (7 km).

Since I’m spending most of my winter time here I have the opportunity to pick the best time for skiing – just before noon. The best certified ski school in Pamporovo is Spreeskischool formed by experienced skiers and snowboarders. Spreeskischool tutors would give you not only valuable lessons, but will also advise you about which equipment would be the best fit for your current form. But wait, there’s more. They will treat you with herbal tea and hot coffee to warm your body and soul. As a bonus they will give you professionally taken photos and videos from your taken lessons. Cool, huh ?!

If you don’t feel that those lessons are for you, you can always come by to drink a cup of coffee and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Where would you recommend us to eat after skiing 🙂

What is vacation without great food and coziest setting you’ve always pictured? The perfect place for this is Gloria Mar restaurant. What makes it special is that they treat their guest as royals, interior is the perfect combination between coziness and sophistication, service is warm and polite and the menu is filled with great variety of scents and flavors.

Where do you recommend our readers to stay.

If you’re looking for a place to stay for a few days, Pamporovo Hotel might be the best solutionл If you’re looking for an entertaining stay for your family and group of friends, they offers bowling and many other games .
If you’re more of a wellness person, Perelik hotel is the place for you. The newest spa and wellness center in the resort at Perelik hotel provides wide range of innovative body treatments, relaxation treatments, a modern fitness center and the semi-Olympic-size swimming pool .

That’s how Mariana spends her winter vacation, and we’re sure she feels great because she’s always in Stella McCartney’s lingerie.

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