Ballet – grace, finesse, self-confidence and femininity

Surely many of you who want to improve your body are interested in a new type of fitness or exercise. Today we will reveal the benefits of ballet for adults. Apart from art, ballet is also one of the best physical activities. Here are some of the benefits:

Coordination and Concentration – Ballet for adults is a great workout for the whole body – it strengthens muscles, strengthens healthy bones and burns calories. Because ballet uses the full set of muscles, it is also great for cognitive functions such as coordination and concentration. During a ballet class, you focus on posture, balance, arms, legs, music, and coordination of all of these things – leaving little time for minds to wander around. This is the essence of attention and is the magic of a state of contentment and calm. Whether you are a beginner or have been dancing for years, concentration levels will always surprise you. Posture, participation, music, time, stroke counting and hand-foot coordination require concentration. This is a great exercise for concentration and the more you practice, the better. There is also a science behind this: Exercise helps to induce endorphins. In addition to being happy chemicals, endorphins improve the priority functions of the brain. The best part is that even after a workout, your ability to prioritize and think clearly improves.



Great posture – We all know that ballet is great for posture and balance, but did you know that ballet can also reduce the symptoms of depression, arthritis and diabetes? Ballet is probably the BEST form of exercise to improve and maintain your posture. Every exercise in a ballet class requires a strong posture and this is the basis of every position and movement. The bonus? Good posture reduces the risk of injury.

Antidepressant – There are thousands of studies proving that exercise increases energy levels and fights fatigue. Here’s a little science… As we train, we increase blood circulation, which works to strengthen the heart muscle. This leads to an increase in the energy available to our body – and not just during class, long after. According to one study, exercise causes your brain to increase the production of certain brain chemicals that are known to have antidepressant effects, increasing energy. Have you ever wondered about these people who are always in the gym, always full of energy and look forever positive? Well, this is a cycle: The more we train, the more energy we have to exercise and feel great while doing it! In addition, all these smooth movements under the beautiful music are like a gentle massage for the whole body. The tension is released, oxygen intake is increased and toxins are expelled. Ballet (and other forms of dance) have been shown to release more endorphins than other forms of aerobic exercise. Ballet releases endorphins in the brain, which are our “happy chemicals.” More endorphins equals more positivity, better sleep, improved cognitive function, happier relationships and more contentment around. Ballet has also been shown to reduce cortisol levels, leading to lower stress levels. Something we could all benefit from!


Calorie Burning – We all have different metabolic rates, but one thing is for sure – ballet will speed up your metabolism. Because ballet is a complete workout for the body, it increases blood circulation, respiration and muscle activity, which helps increase your metabolism. Research says that “dancing increases your metabolism 3-6 times over your resting metabolism.” Ballet is a great workout for the whole body. In a typical 60-minute ballet class, you will burn 300 to 400 calories.

Ballet is a movement of the soul – Ballet, like most forms of dance, is a wonderful, expressive form of exercise. Traditionally, ballet is a way of expression. Dancers use the body, limbs, feet, hands, face to express their feelings, actions and communicate with other dancers on stage. In ballet you can enjoy the expressive nature of ballet. Through your movements you can really feel the music and enjoy its nuances. You can use ballet to feel, relieve stress, enjoy freedom of movement and really express your mood. By expressing yourself in ballet, you can also improve the way you express yourself in your daily life.

Lymphatic Drainage – When you think of lymphatic drainage, you probably think of a nice relaxing massage, but exercise is actually another great way to detoxify the lymphatic system. Why is lymphatic drainage important? Proper functioning of the lymphatic system is crucial for health. The lymphatic drainage system removes and detoxifies fluids in the body, allowing it to function properly and remain disease-free. Exercise helps promote lymphatic drainage, which helps detoxify, regenerate muscles and tissues, reduces inflammation, promotes sleep, displaces cellulite and even has anti-aging effects!



Against Dementia – A report published in 2003 found that dancing can reduce the incidence of dementia. The test examines a number of cognitive and physical activities, such as reading; writing; solving crossword puzzles; card game; playing musical instruments; dancing; walking; tennis; swimming and golf. The results show that regular dancing reduces the risk of dementia by 76%, twice as much as reading.


What do you need to get started? – Comfortable body or T-shirt / tank top, leggings or tights. Feel like a real ballerina. And don’t forget, be feminine!

The photos were taken with the kind assistance of Ivan Slavov during one of the workshops.

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