Stylish summer 2021 – Mission is possible

If you are looking for trends in beachwear for 2021, we have prepared a short guide for you. Many designers and brands offer relaxing and sexy swimsuit styles to wear this summer. As we know, each year comes with its own different trends. This year we will continue to see lavish patterns, but also exquisite miniatures in mono colors, as well as futuristic solutions with new shapes and shades. All in all, we at My Lingerie by Provoke are here to guide you in the beach trends with our amazing offers.

If you are planning to spend your holiday in a spa resort by the pool, surely the elegant C-Treasure from Don’t Look will catch everyone’s eye. It is multifunctional because it can be worn in three ways. If you are a fan of bronze tan, it can be worn without the top so you can catch all the sun’s rays evenly. It can also be worn as a bodysuit, combined with a skirt or shorts.



Speaking of relaxing by the pool, we can’t forget to mention the sexy temptation Bagira from Don’t Look. This swimsuit has the amazing ability to focus only on the areas you want to emphasize and at the same time to hide all the flaws that bother you. Extremely suitable model for hourglass figures, due to the cut emphasizing the breasts, the delicate tightening of the waist and the cut lower part around the hips, visually elongating the legs. And in our opinion great for photos on Instagram.




As we spent most of 2020 at home in our cozy cotton home clothes, beachwear in 2021 continues the trend of looking for comfort in what we wear. According to Naomi Newirth, designer and founder of the iconic swimwear brand Acacia, this season is entirely related to fabrics. Choose and invest in soft fabrics and saturated colors. Our offer is a Moschino dress made of cotton.




Although the pleasure of bright colors and eccentric prints is always as fun as buying a new swimsuit, this season we return to the beauty of basics. In fact, there is nothing boring in a perfectly designed triangle bikini. Especially when you style them with appropriate beach accessories. The basic swimsuit we offer you that will accentuate your perfect body is the Mamba Black by Don’t Look Ladies Swimsuit




A very rare thing in fashion can surprise us, just like the beach style of the 80’s. It is here to stay. We see more and more customers ready to show more skin. For them is the new Iceberg collection. For some, the cut-out swimsuits are a nostalgic reminder of youth, for young girls, this is an absolutely new look that they will embrace with interest.




Black is a trend! Black is style! Black is hotter than the hot summer of 2021! This season, the opportunities to buy a black swimsuit are even more than ever. From black bottoms of swimsuits with ties, to swimsuits with pearls or V-neck and golden monogram. Just like the lycra swimsuit with a gilded M detail – engraved logo on the waist of Moschino.




Black can be worn regardless of age or seasonal trend. Just like the “little black dress”, every woman should have a black swimsuit in her wardrobe. The standard item for each of your vacations to put in your suitcase.

Now, go ahead and choose the most stylish and beautiful swimsuit possible for the upcoming carefree season – summer 2021!