GEORGE TODOROFF – one talented Bulgarian photographer

The main character of our interview today is amongst the few Bulgarian photographers who have their own unique style. His work is easily recognizable because it brings feeling of divergence, meaning and mistery all combined in one.

We choose to introduce him to you because he’s one of those people who find their inspiration in the little things surrounding them.  For us the big masterpieces are created by the little things indeed.




How many years have you been doing photography?


For about 11 years to be exact. In the past few years I’ve been shooting mainly in a studio .


What inspired you to start doing it professionally?


At first it started as a hobby. For a long time I’ve been searching for myself and what I liked to shoot the most. Later on I’ve started this job in a nightclub in Sofia as a photographer, which helped me to discover my true passion. It was shooting people because of the emotional and psychological aspect. In one great moment I’ve just decided to turn my hobby into an actual job and things just went around in that direction .

How do you manage to predispose the models to reach their full potential in front of the camera?


To be honest, I’m not sure if can give you an exact answer. I think that there is a long way to go in front of me before I can say  that I’m fully predisposing people standing in front of my lens. The actual question is not HOW but IF I’m doing it.

I strongly believe that everyone can look good in front of the camera. It’s the photographer’s job to make it happen. Like I’ve mentioned before it’s all about the emotional and psychological aspect. The most important things are communication and the connection with the people you’re shooting.  I personally approach the whole process  with a lot of patience and understanding.

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What would be your advice for the women who are not confident enough in front of camera ?


I would say that it’s an inside out thing. Self-love should be a priority. To feel good in your own skin.

I personally think it’s a whole process one to feel confident and brave in front of the camera. There’s no playbook how to do it properly step by step following strict rules.

The only thing I do Is directing the process on finding their self-love and confidence within.

I’m going to say It again, the most important thing about creating  beautiful photographs is the communication during the shooting process.


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His work is another proof that when a person has found his true purpose in life and puts only love into it, he cannot fail to be successful.


George is using mostly lingerie and accessories from us for his photo shooting projects.