Figure of A is an accessories brand inspired by Japanese rope bondage – Shibari, designed by rope artist and fashion designer, Anna Kii.     Edgy, architectural, feminine and body-aware, Figure of A pieces function equally well as part of your everyday styling as they do as part of a fetish-heavy ensemble. It is Anna’s […]

By danisandbergon October 12, 2020

What is Breast Cancer Awareness Month? Every October, people all over the world show their support for people affected by breast cancer. Pink Bra Bazaar is a charitable organisation dedicated to breast health and supporting women with breast cancer   Their breast health program promotes the role of lifestyle changes in reducing the risk of […]

By danisandbergon October 2, 2020

THE WORLD OF IRENE Irene Dikova is an interior designer and owner of her own brand of T-shirts with a message – Bloom Stars. She participates in dozens of events to promote organ donation, including the European Transplant and Dialysis Sports Championships in 2018. We chose to introduce Irene because she combines a woman’s strength […]

By tRbSoOT7nWon September 14, 2020

The weekend is almost here, which means you’ll have more time to watch movies. Looking for a good love story? We have put together the top 5 for you, from a romantic drama through a love story to something a little sexier. So, without any extra noise, get ready for meetings, love, mind games, romantic […]

By tRbSoOT7nWon September 11, 2020

What is the mystique around a garter belt? Perhaps the fact that they existed only to create pleasure – a symbol of sexuality from an era when looking over a lady’s knee could still raise a man’s heart rate. Although garter belts are not as popular today as they were when they were a practical […]

By tRbSoOT7nWon September 4, 2020

The little secret, that we women have to feel confident and sexy, is not visible to everyone. But every woman knows what is this perfect secret – the perfect lingerie. Yes, it is sensuality, self-confidence and touch that makes you feel like yourself in your skin. Even if you don’t have a romantic date, indulge […]

By tRbSoOT7nWon August 31, 2020

Vanina Handjiyska is founder of, fashion digital content creator and luxury industry observer. We met her to find out more about the latest evolution of luxury lingerie and swimwear brands. Photo:Tihomira Krumova Anyone who loves fashion will tell you that the garments you wear under your clothing are just as important as the clothing […]

By tRbSoOT7nWon August 14, 2020

Burlesque dancers of the early twentieth century were known for their decadent costumes and over-the-top acts – some splashed around in transparent bathtubs, bedecked themselves with hundreds of peacock feathers, and rode horses around onstage. There was skin, but there was also theater, drama, humor, pomp and style, all for the art of tease. The […]

By tRbSoOT7nWon August 11, 2020

Explore your wildest pleasures with luxury lingerie by Coco de Mer, check the new collection Shunga and Muse. Shunga, literally “spring pictures”, is an erotic artistic tradition that emerged from early modern Japan, featuring graphic images of sexual activity. Produced by the thousands during the Edo period (1600-1868), shunga offered sexuality a shameless visual platform, […]

By tRbSoOT7nWon August 6, 2020

The conceptual German designer Karl Lagerreld is known worldwide for his modern approach to style and a refined sense of aesthetics, which made his brand incredibly popular among girls and women of different ages. It is not surprising that the brand is represented in more than 500 multi-brand stores in 96 countries.   KARL LAGERFELD […]

By tRbSoOT7nWon July 13, 2020