Who would have guessed that standing behind 4 walls indefinitely would become something so normal, one of the basic rules we must follow to protect ourselves and our loved ones. The global pandemic has changed our perceptions of a normal way of life, so we will never be the same people again. But spending more […]

By danisandbergon February 22, 2021

     Although it seems a little premature to even consider a vacation booking now, in light of the weather and uncertainty, we still decided to reveal to you our few top destinations.      Currently, thanks to the new normal and everything it includes, many hotels and airlines offer more flexibility than ever to […]

By danisandbergon January 5, 2021

What is the mystique around a garter belt? Perhaps the fact that they existed only to create pleasure – a symbol of sexuality from an era when looking over a lady’s knee could still raise a man’s heart rate. Although garter belts are not as popular today as they were when they were a practical […]

By tRbSoOT7nWon September 4, 2020

Burlesque dancers of the early twentieth century were known for their decadent costumes and over-the-top acts – some splashed around in transparent bathtubs, bedecked themselves with hundreds of peacock feathers, and rode horses around onstage. There was skin, but there was also theater, drama, humor, pomp and style, all for the art of tease. The […]

By tRbSoOT7nWon August 11, 2020

We are locked at home all day and we do not stop dreaming about the coming summer, so if you feel like that – you are not alone. Although we do not know exactly how long the current situation will last, the good news has already emerged that we will be able to visit the […]

By tRbSoOT7nWon May 11, 2020

A variety of colors and shapes will be up-to-date this summer. See what are the fashion trends in swimwear for summer 2020. With each passing year, world designers are paying increasing attention to swimwear and there is definitely a reason. Swimwear becomes as important part of a ladies wardrobe as a little black dress – […]

By tRbSoOT7nWon April 15, 2020

A confident woman is seductive both outside, and at home. But how can you be irresistible? During the past few weeks, most of us have been spending both our days and nights at home. For some women, this can have quite the positive effect, but the fact remains that most of us aren’t used to […]

By tRbSoOT7nWon April 8, 2020

Sun, sand, sea waves and surf – all these “s” words come to our mind, when we look at Michael Kors’ new beach collection.  There are two types of these amazing swimsuits – colourful and playful, but also elegant and classy.  Each lady could find herself in them, but there is more – Michael Kors has prepared not […]

By tRbSoOT7nWon February 27, 2020

If you think sexy lingerie means only an open bra and bikini, you are wrong. The thinnest moment is how many cut patterns you choose, whether they match your body and your radiance as a woman. Often the ladies find justification for not investing in a lingerie masterpiece. Most believe it is an invisible part […]

By tRbSoOT7nWon July 10, 2019