When we talk about contradictory trends, neon colors have always been among the things that appear in our minds at the very first sign. They are too bold to wear in everyday life, but also too bright not to invite them into our wardrobe. Especially in 2021, when neon reappears on the radar trend. The […]

By danisandbergon June 23, 2021

If you are looking for trends in beachwear for 2021, we have prepared a short guide for you. Many designers and brands offer relaxing and sexy swimsuit styles to wear this summer. As we know, each year comes with its own different trends. This year we will continue to see lavish patterns, but also exquisite […]

By danisandbergon April 27, 2021

     Although it seems a little premature to even consider a vacation booking now, in light of the weather and uncertainty, we still decided to reveal to you our few top destinations.      Currently, thanks to the new normal and everything it includes, many hotels and airlines offer more flexibility than ever to […]

By danisandbergon January 5, 2021

This collection by Stella McCartney represents a refreshing combination of contrasts between: vintage and modern, sporty and pretty, strength and softness. Colors range from soft-pale rose and off-white to bright poppy and sailor blue, while prints include horse print from ready-to-wear, eye-catching leopard print and the sophisticated polka-dot. The result is a luxurious collection with […]

By tRbSoOT7nWon July 1, 2020

Proving that underwear needn’t be plain and simple, Moschino gives classic boxers and briefs a dose of signature appeal. Moschino Underwear is characterised by the branded detailing – the name motif, whether in a block pattern or singular on a waistband, makes the range instantly recognisable and cements its high-fashion status. Moschino Underwear: Combining high-fashion […]

By tRbSoOT7nWon June 19, 2020

A variety of colors and shapes will be up-to-date this summer. See what are the fashion trends in swimwear for summer 2020. With each passing year, world designers are paying increasing attention to swimwear and there is definitely a reason. Swimwear becomes as important part of a ladies wardrobe as a little black dress – […]

By tRbSoOT7nWon April 15, 2020