Surely many of you who want to improve your body are interested in a new type of fitness or exercise. Today we will reveal the benefits of ballet for adults. Apart from art, ballet is also one of the best physical activities. Here are some of the benefits: Coordination and Concentration – Ballet for adults […]

By danisandbergon April 6, 2021

The beauty from the reality show The Mole raises the curtain on her winter vacation. Mariana, where do we find you? I am in Pamporovo. This remarkable resort is located in the core of magnificent Rhodope mountains, which was inhabited by the mythical musician Orpheus once. Pamporovo is the southernest ski resort in Europe with […]

By danisandbergon March 6, 2021

The season of love is in full swing and each of us at least once in a life has made romantic gestures for a loved one. Candlelight dinners in fine restaurants, trips to the most romantic spots in the world. This year all these possible pleasures have been taken away from us. In the context […]

By danisandbergon February 10, 2021

BRACLI – the original brand of pearl lingerie with a very special and stimulating function. BRACLI comes from two words related to the most intimate and personal side of a woman. “Braga and Clítoris”. In fact, BRACLI is the result of combining intimate garments with the subtle stimulation of the most sensitive parts of the […]

By danisandbergon November 26, 2020

This year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, Halloween parties will be banned in many places. Halloween 2020 will really be one of those days that we will remember. This year, almost everything in our world has changed … but not our love of Halloween fun and enjoyment. So we release our inspiration for Halloween – […]

By danisandbergon October 27, 2020

THE LINGERIE is our second skin and that’s why it’s important to really feel confident in it. Sometimes, even though is the hidden part of the woman’s clothing, lingerie indeed gives most self confidence. Typically as women, we rarely know what lingerie to choose. Well, the problem is solved, because BAED STORIES came to rescue us. They’re always the right […]

By danisandbergon October 16, 2020

The weekend is almost here, which means you’ll have more time to watch movies. Looking for a good love story? We have put together the top 5 for you, from a romantic drama through a love story to something a little sexier. So, without any extra noise, get ready for meetings, love, mind games, romantic […]

By tRbSoOT7nWon September 11, 2020

What is the mystique around a garter belt? Perhaps the fact that they existed only to create pleasure – a symbol of sexuality from an era when looking over a lady’s knee could still raise a man’s heart rate. Although garter belts are not as popular today as they were when they were a practical […]

By tRbSoOT7nWon September 4, 2020

Bordelle is a niche and unique concept in women’s lingerie and bodywear that combines true craftsmanship with ground-breaking designs, toying with themes of seduction and domination. The Bordelle aesthetic is characterised by body-con silhouettes and rooted in a proprietary technique that blends 24k gold-plated hardware and customised satin elastic to create iconic pieces featuring a […]

By tRbSoOT7nWon May 26, 2020

When you see Coco de Mer, there’s no doubt you will fall in love with it.  Founded in 2001, Coco de Mer’s name was gathered from an exotic plant whose seed bears a striking resemblance to the intimate female form. The eroticism of the precious coco de Mer perfectly encapsulates its free-thinking ideology and inspires […]

By tRbSoOT7nWon February 18, 2020