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Our BonBon amazing massage candles

Date: 2014-09-24

From so many years different nations found the secrets of aromatic oils. They may not only predispose, but also cause real ecstasy of feelings, emotions, experiences. For it is advisable to apply a suitable aromatic candles and immerse yourself in the romantic atmosphere. 

We offer amazing massage candles. 
Available in three enticing aroma. Choose from Three flavor - and Apple Cinnamon, Chocolate and Chile and Coconut and Vanilla. Light the fire of emotions! Made from natural ingredients: shea butter, apricot kernel oil and soy wax. 

These will give your mood nutty flavor. Let the real fun begin when the wax melted and become smooth oil for a perfect body massage. 
Massage candles are suitable for sensitive skin, they will make your skin sensitive to feel even better. Ultra-moisturizing ingredients make your skin softer. Whether you plan to prepare a playful surprise or just open for adventure, your bed will not be the same without these hot new candles.