General conditions for use of Client card

The current general conditions (Terms of Use) set the legal relations between Provoke Ltd and customers, in relation to Customer Loyalty program offered by the company, issuing of client cards, use of client card and any other related matters.  


1. Client card My Lingerie by Provoke is issued by Provoke Ltd.

2. The Client card is issued only to individuals above 16 years of age.

3. Client card is a card strictly personal and not transferable. Each participant has the right to hold only one card.

4. Client card My Lingerie by Provoke is issued for free, after successful completion of registration form, which is offered in My Lingerie by Provoke shop or online at

5. Upon registration in the Loyalty program, participants agree to share voluntarily their personal data, required in the registration form. The required data is marked in fields with the sign (*).

6. Use of client card is possible in My Lingerie by Provoke in Sofia, Bulgaria.

7. Client card is not a credit card and it cannot serve any financial operations. Participants can take advantage of card’s privileges, by showing it at the cashier desk of My Lingerie by Provoke shop in Bulgaria, before making a purchase. Provoke Ltd. reserves the right to require additional check of personal ID, as to identify the names of the person, presenting the Customer card.

8. Every purchase brings extra points to the customer card’s holder, which are calculated and deducted from the value of the purchased goods. The certain amount of discount is written on the receipt. The discount is valid ONLY for products, which are currently not promotional.

9. Registration of discounts on Client cards is available only on the cashier desk of the above mentioned My Lingerie by Provoke Shop. The Client card’s holder needs to present his card to shop’s representative. If the card holder fails to present his card, he/she cannot receive the shopping discount.

10. In case of card loss, owner of the card needs to inform immediately representative in the shop and call: 0882 951111 or send e-mail to

 Lost or stolen card will be blocked and if required by owner, could be reissued.

11. Client card which hasn’t been used for longer than 12 months can be blocked. Its owner has the right to activate it for free within period of 6 months, by completing and submitting letter of request. After this period expires, and should there be no submitted letter of request, the card is considered invalid.

12. Provoke Ltd reserves the right to change terms of use of Client card at any given moment, without prior notice.

13. Provoke Ltd is registered as administrator of personal data in accordance with the Law for Protection of Personal data and will process the data under full confidentiality and only for the purposes, described in this document.